Cancer is a devastating condition that requires immediate, comprehensive intervention and treatment to properly limit the spread of the particular disease. Medical providers are supposed to treat their patients adequately and without bias to allow their patients the best potential outcomes for their health conditions. When medical providers fail to do this with cancer patients, the results are not only harmful — they are potentially deadly. If you’re dealing with cancer misdiagnosis issues, consult a Lung Cancer Attorney for legal support. Cancer misdiagnosis often looks like this:

  • Symptom misinterpretation by doctors.
  • Specialist referral delays by doctors.
  • Errors in reading and reporting radiology studies.
  • Delays in results from imaging companies and laboratories.
  • A doctor not recommending certain required tests to a patient.
  • Inefficient communication between healthcare providers.
  • Tests that are not appropriately performed to detect cancer despite warning signs.

Aggressive Legal Representation for Delayed Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases in Pennsylvania

Delayed cancer diagnosis lawyers navigate the complicated legal and medical jargon associated with medical malpractice cases — including delayed cancer diagnosis cases. The lawyers at VSCP LAW are recognized as top delayed cancer diagnosis lawyers in Pennsylvania. Call us today to receive the caring and well-versed help you need. We can’t take your cancer away from you, but we can do our best to make sure you are compensated for a misdiagnosis.

Cervical Cancer

The issue of cervical cancer impacts women of all ages and races. In 2020, Over 13,000 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer. Unfortunately, as many as one third of those women died as a result of their cervical cancer. VSCP LAW believes that changing the mortality rate associated with cervical cancer starts by holding medical practitioners accountable for providing better care. You can help by filing a cervical cancer malpractice claim with experienced legal counsel.
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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a painful and particularly deadly form of cancer. Nearly 1 in 38 women diagnosed with breast cancer will not survive, and those that do are left with the residual effects of cancer treatment. Survival rates are much higher when you receive accurate care as soon as possible. Breast cancer misdiagnosis can be serious and deadly. If your primary care doctor or other care provider misdiagnosed your breast cancer or delayed in the diagnosis of your breast cancer, you are entitled to legal compensation. VSCP LAW will fight to help you on the path towards financial and emotional recovery.
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Lung Cancer

Nearly 1/4th of all cancer deaths are related to lung cancer. The best treatment outcomes come from early detection and treatment of the cancer. With any cancer, a misdiagnosis or a delay in diagnosis can have disastrous outcomes, but it is particularly important for health care providers to begin treatment for lung cancer early on. When your doctor fails to interpret the results of lung health screenings, ignores your symptoms, misreads radiology or fails to communicate with labs and specialists in a timely manner, that impacts you — and could cost you your livelihood. Don’t let your doctor get away with improper lung cancer treatment. Seek the help of trusted Lung Cancer Attorney in Philadelphia at VSCP LAW to handle your lung cancer case today.
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Colon Cancer

The rates of death caused by colorectal cancer have continued to increase since 2008, despite medical advancements in cancer research. While not solely to blame, doctors may also have a role in this increased mortality rate. With higher case loads, doctors might ignore colorectal cancer symptoms or misdiagnose them. The staggering rates of colon cancer deaths does not let doctors off the hook. Victims of colon cancer misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis deserve proper treatment. If you do not receive the proper medical care, you have a right to compensation. Seek the help of VSCP LAW to handle your colon cancer case today.
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VSCP LAW Attorneys have assisted in obtaining numerous Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Recoveries for clients including the following:

  • $11 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice
  • $7 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice
  • $6 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice
  • $5 Million Verdict – Medical Malpractice
  • $5.6 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice