Jjulia Huxman Ronnebaum Bio Picture in VSCP Law

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Jjulia Huxman Ronnebaum Bio Pic in VSCP Law

Julia’s Contact Information:

Julia’s Contact Information:


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Julia Ronnebaum is a strategic and creative trial attorney, who commands the attention of jurors and judges with poise and precision. Her genuine care for each client and relentless fight on their behalf has led to significant seven and eight-figure results to compensate the needs of her clients and to hold wrongdoers accountable.

As an associate with VSCP LAW, Julia fiercely advocates for her clients, demanding accountability for those injured by the negligence and wrongdoing of others. Her practice focuses on representing children and adults that have experienced unthinkable trauma from sexual abuse, those that have suffered catastrophic injury or death as a result of medical negligence or defective products, and individuals who have experienced irreparable violations of their constitutional rights. Julia is a driving force in some of the most significant cases of child sexual assault in the Philadelphia area, and fights to be a voice for survivors of abuse by representing former child residents of area juvenile residential centers, detention centers, schools, and other placement programs. As a mother herself, Julia finds it deeply meaningful to advocate for mothers and children who have tragically experienced inexcusable delays in labor and delivery resulting in devastating birth injuries requiring lifelong care.

Notably, Julia, alongside the partners at VSCP LAW, has worked to secure significant recoveries for victims of medical malpractice, including an eight-figure settlement for a client who was rendered totally paralyzed due to the negligence of her doctors. She and founding partner Ryan Chase also helped secure a confidential settlement on the fifth day of a jury trial in a medical malpractice case involving a client who suffered a permanently disabling injury during a routine surgery. Additionally, her background as a criminal prosecutor has positioned her to take on some of the most noteworthy and egregious cases of civil rights violations in the Commonwealth, particularly in Philadelphia County, including securing a $9.6 million dollar recovery for wrongfully incarcerated exoneree, Willie Stokes, and a $2.45 million dollar recovery for wrongfully incarcerated exoneree, Donald Outlaw, alongside founding partner, Josh Van Naarden.

Julia began her legal career as a criminal prosecutor where she tried multiple jury trials as lead prosecutor on behalf of the State. A captivating presence in the courtroom, Julia had been described by a criminal trial judge as “one of the best trial attorneys” in the District Attorney’s office during her time there. As a prosecutor, Julia fought to convict those who committed crimes of sexual and physical violence and other felony offenses. It is this background in criminal and courtroom experience that has quickly earned Julia recognition as an emerging force in the field of trial attorneys handling catastrophic injury cases throughout Pennsylvania.

In the Spring of 2022, Julia was named one of Pennsylvania’s “Lawyers on the Fast Track,” for her impact on the legal community and her dedication to the profession. Julia is one of only 28 attorneys selected for this award in the entire Commonwealth after nomination by colleagues and review by a panel of judges from all areas of the legal profession. Julia has also been nominated by her peers and recognized as a Pennsylvania Super Lawyers “Rising Star” several years in a row.

Julia grew up in the Midwest and is a 2015 graduate of the University of Kansas School of Law, where she received the CALI award for top performance in two courses: Criminal Practice in Kansas, and Torts II. In her first year of law school, she received the Payne & Jones Award for Oral Advocacy. She also devoted time during law school to mentor area high school students in a Youth Court program dedicated to developing public speaking and critical thinking skills while reducing juvenile offender recidivism.

Julia is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and Kansas, and before the federal courts of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and the District of Kansas. She is a member of the Philadelphia Bar Association, the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association, the Philadelphia Association for Justice, and the American Association for Justice.

In addition to her law practice, Julia actively engages in her community. She has volunteered for several years with various equine-therapy programs serving children and adults with disabilities, including Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy in Philadelphia. She is also an active member of Impact 100, a local women’s philanthropy group focused on investing in the Philadelphia community.

Julia Huxman Ronnebaum
Will Fight For You

You’ve suffered enough. It’s time for justice.

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