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Your Fight
Is Ryan’s Fight

Ryan’s Contact Information:

Ryan’s Contact Information:

Two Commerce Square
2001 Market Street, Suite 3700
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Ryan is an unrelenting and zealous advocate dedicated to achieving justice for his clients and holding wrongdoers accountable. At VSCP LAW, Ryan specializes in catastrophic-injury, medical malpractice, sex abuse, and civil rights cases, representing victims and families faced with life-altering tragedy in their fight against the large corporations and institutions that hurt them.

Ryan has a proven track record of taking on – and winning – challenging legal matters for his clients. Prior to joining VSCP LAW, Ryan was a Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney assigned to the Civil Litigation Unit, where he represented the District Attorney’s Office in civil matters and notched several impressive wins. Ryan also previously served as an intern at another Philadelphia catastrophic personal injury firm where he assisted in the representation of victims in cases involving wrongful death, products liability, and workplace accidents.

Ryan completed an externship with the Villanova Interdisciplinary Mental and Physical Health Law Clinic where he played an integral role in securing favorable benefit determinations for disabled clients in need of personal assistance and medical care. Additionally, during law school, Ryan was selected to be a Sarita Wright Lucas Law Clerk at the Delaware Department of Justice, where he assisted in the successful prosecution and conviction of a child abuse offender. Ryan was also an extern with the Villanova Law Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

Ryan previously worked as a judicial extern to the Honorable Michael J. Newman, District Court Judge, of the Southern District of Ohio and as an intern to the Honorable Jan R. Jurden, President Judge, of the Delaware Superior Court, where he researched complex legal topics and assisted with drafting judicial opinions.

Ryan graduated from the Villanova University Widger School of Law with a concentration in Litigation and Dispute Resolution, and from American University with a B.A. in Political Science.

Ryan Phillips
Will Fight For You

You’ve suffered enough. It’s time for justice.

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