Birth Injury Statistics

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, in the United States:

  • Nearly 157,700 avoidable injuries to mothers and newborns occurred during childbirth in a single year.
  • Newborn males (1.7 per 1000) are slightly more likely to experience a birth injury than females (1.5 per 1000).
  • For women ages 25 to 34, 19% of vaginal deliveries with instruments experienced trauma.
  • The Northeast United States has significantly higher birth injury rates (24-32% higher) than those in the West, Midwest, and South.
  • The Northeast United States also has the highest rates of obstetrical trauma to mothers during vaginal delivery with instruments.

Preventable Birth Injuries Cause A Lifetime of Heartache and Financial Stress

As a parent, you will stop at nothing to protect your child.That’s why there are few situations more devastating than a birth injury suffered by your newborn during the prenatal period or during labor and delivery, especially one that could have been prevented. If you’re facing this situation, consult a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer for assistance.

Preventable injuries and conditions resulting from negligence at birth may include cerebral palsy, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, brachial plexus palsy (Erb’s palsy), spinal cord injuries, bone fractures, or even death.

These injuries to your baby can turn what should be the happiest moment of your life into a tragic moment filled with sadness, despair, and confusion with many unanswered questions. And the effects of a birth injury often last for a lifetime, setting the child up for years of around-the-clock care and never-ending medical bills.

Birth Injury Lawyer With a Proven History of Success that Will Fight for Your Child

If your child suffered a birth injury as a result of medical negligence, it’s imperative that you get every penny of the compensation you deserve from those that are responsible—your child’s future depends on it. You are entitled to the kind of compensation that covers all of your child’s medical bills and fully accounts for every day of his or her pain, suffering, and loss of life’s pleasures. Perhaps most importantly, you will need compensation that also will provide for your child’s specialized medical treatment and individual care. And needs for the rest of his or her lifetime, including when you are no longer around.

The birth injury lawyers at VSCP LAW are here to help and to lead you and your child through every step of the legal process. We’ve fought on behalf of families and children in numerous high-stakes birth injury cases over the past several decades. And holding negligent doctors and hospitals responsible for the life-altering damages they have caused.

In any birth injury case, you only get one opportunity to change the course of your child’s life and ensure his/her financial security—and that starts with hiring the right law firm. The accomplished birth injury attorneys at VSCP LAW have the experience, resources, and specialized knowledge of the complex medical issues involved that are all necessary to successfully litigate your child’s case. VSCP LAW’s founding partners will personally handle your child’s case from start to finish. While working closely with a team of highly-credentialed medical experts to meticulously and vigorously prosecute the medical claims.

If your child has suffered from the devastating effects of a birth injury, you should contact trusted Philadelphia birth injury lawyer at VSCP LAW immediately. We’ll thoroughly investigate the case and work tirelessly to get answers. We’ll fight to ensure your child receives the highest possible compensation for their injuries. And like all of our cases, there’s never a cost to you for having your case reviewed.

VSCP LAW Attorneys have assisted in obtaining numerous Birth Injury Recoveries for clients including the following:

  • $29 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice – Cerebral Palsy
  • $19.5 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice – Cerebral Palsy
  • $19.3 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice – Cerebral Palsy
  • $19 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice – Cerebral Palsy
  • $19 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice – Cerebral Palsy
  • $16 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice – Cerebral Palsy
  • $9.25 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice – Birth Injury
  • $8.5 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice – Birth Injury
  • $8 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice – Birth Injury
  • $7 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice – Birth Injury
  • $6.25 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice – Birth Injury
  • $5 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice – Neonatal Infection
  • $4.25 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice – Infant Death
  • $3.75 Million Recovery – Medical Malpractice – Infant Death
  • $3 Million Verdict – Medical Malpractice – Infant Death (the largest pain and suffering award in an infant death case in Pennsylvania history)

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