VSCP LAW was founded by attorneys Joshua Van Naarden, Gregory Spizer, Ryan Chase, and John Pinto with one common goal: to provide expert representation to those who need it the most. Therefore, Personal Injury Attorneys Philadelphia at VSCP LAW focus exclusively on helping clients who have suffered catastrophic or fatal injuries in cases where winning means everything. To that end, the attorneys of VSCP LAW have dedicated their entire careers to fighting for individuals and families who have been wronged by the misconduct of others. Our clients are ordinary people that have suffered a tremendous loss – whether it be a loss of health, independence, or even a loss of life. As a firm, we are committed to providing a voice to these individuals to ensure they obtain the justice that they deserve under the law.

The attorneys at VSCP LAW have a long history of winning supposedly “unwinnable” cases under the most challenging of circumstances – even setting new records for verdicts and recoveries across Pennsylvania and other states. We use our decades of experience in complex high-stakes litigation, our in-depth legal knowledge as well as our tireless approach to advocacy to ensure individuals get justice when taking on large, powerful defendants with ample resources. Rest assured that VSCP LAW will fight for you.

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With over 70 years of combined experience, the personal injury attorneys Philadelphia at VSCP LAW have successfully handled cases for severely injured clients in essentially every area of catastrophic injury law in Philadelphia. From the time of the first client meeting all the way through closing arguments at a trial, we will develop a case-specific litigation strategy and aggressively prosecute your case. We will be your voice, your advocate and your lawyer, fighting for you every step of the way.

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Beyond everything else, the attorneys at VSCP LAW get what matters: results. The founding partners of VSCP LAW have served as counsel or co-counsel in cases with individual recoveries over $1 Billion during their careers. Our attorneys have set records for verdicts and recoveries, including repeatedly obtaining multi-million dollar verdicts that are among the highest in the state.

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  • Over$ 1 Billion Recovered

    By VSCP LAW Attorneys During Their Careers.


As Counsel or Co-Counsel

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  • During their careers, VSCP LAW Attorneys have helped secure recoveries totalling

    Over $ 1 Billion for clients