Why Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer if You Are Injured?


If you suffered a personal injury, you may think you don’t need an attorney. Perhaps it seems like a simple thing – there was ice outside the local bakery, you slipped on the ice, you fell and broke your arm, and all you have to do is call the bakery and ask them to pay for your medical records. Easy slip and fall case, right? No. It’s never easy. And if you want to be fully compensated for your injuries, you need to hire a personal injury attorney. Below are the main reasons you need to hire a personal injury lawyer when you’re injured.


No matter how straightforward your case seems, it’s actually not. Let’s say you were driving and the car behind you rear-ended your car, causing you to suffer neck and back injuries. You may think this is a straightforward auto accident because you learned that people who rear-end the drivers in front are always at fault. But there are many factors to consider in auto accidents including the usage of handheld devices (like your cell phone) while driving, whether there were other distractions, whether the cars involved were compliant with state inspection laws, whether there were any recalls of parts on either of the cars, etc.

And what about your injuries? What was your health like prior to the accident? What problems do you suffer now because of your neck and back pain? Did you have to take time off from work to deal with your injuries? Are you totally healed or are there permanent injuries? There is no shortage of important factors to consider and only an experienced personal injury attorney can recognize and analyze them.


Do you know the definitions of “factual cause” and “increased risk of harm?” Do you know the exceptions to Pennsylvania’s wrongful death statute? Do you know the difference between when a parent’s claim expires and when their child’s claim expires for the same injury? Do you know when a product liability claim should be based on negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty of fitness? Do you know what essential document has to accompany your medical malpractice Complaint so that your case isn’t automatically dismissed?

These are obviously rhetorical questions. No layperson is expected to understand how the law and procedure work in any particular case. Sadly, even many practicing attorneys who spent three years in law school don’t understand all of Pennsylvania’s rules and regulations. That is why you need an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer to help you wade through the often-times murky and sometimes-quirky laws and procedures.


People tend to forget that when they sue someone, they’re not just suing someone, a person. They’re also suing a business or a corporation. This is much more daunting because corporations have deep pockets and can hire an army of high-paid lawyers to fight on their behalf. That is often whom you’re up against. 

Let’s say your loved one was sexually assaulted at a mental health facility by one of its employees. That mental health facility is a national conglomerate and has the top corporate law firm on retainer. Imagine how easy this case will look to the behemoth corporation you’re up against if you don’t have a personal injury lawyer representing you.

Even when your opponent isn’t a corporation, they could still be represented by a powerful insurance company that has a team of lawyers whose number one job it is to find any way possible to get your case thrown out.

You need a personal injury lawyer on your side – someone who can help amplify the true value of your case – so these fierce corporations don’t take advantage of you.

To find an experienced personal injury to represent you, contact the attorneys at VSCP LAW (www.vscplaw.com)

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