What is the role of a lawyer in a wrongful death case?


Wrongful death attorneys in Philadelphia wear many hats as they represent their clients. Here is just a sampling of the many roles your wrongful death lawyer takes on for you:


In order to determine whether you have a valid wrongful death claim, your wrongful death lawyer must investigate the circumstances before, during, and after your loved one died. The attorney has to talk to you, other family members, and review countless records. They often have to hire experts to help them investigate your claim.


A wrongful death attorney needs to gather as much evidence as possible to prove your case. Examples of such evidence include: autopsy, toxicology lab reports, police reports, witness statements, photographs and videos, death certificate, and physical objects that are related to the wrongful death.


Once the attorney has collected a sufficient amount of evidence, they then have the difficult task of piecing all of these items together to establish liability on the part of the defendants, as well as to build the damages portion of the case.


This role may seem obvious, but it should not be overlooked because it’s one of the main reasons you sought help from a wrongful death attorney. Lawsuits cannot take place without specialized knowledge of the various laws in Pennsylvania, including the statute of limitations, the laws of intestacy, medical negligence, evidentiary rules, procedural requirements, and the wrongful death statute. That your attorney has a Juris Doctor degree is what separates them from literally anyone who doesn’t – your attorney is legally qualified to represent you in a court of law (your cousin Joe who thinks he knows everything is not).


Throughout your wrongful death lawsuit, you will need to make significant decisions that will affect the outcome of your case. Your wrongful death attorney can guide you and advise you so you can make the best possible decision at every turn.


Insurance companies, hospitals, defendants’ lawyers – these are just some of the parties your wrongful death attorney will speak to on your behalf. Your attorney will represent your interests in these various important conversations that occur during the course of your lawsuit.


Your wrongful death attorney will be your zealous advocate throughout the case. During depositions, hearings, and trial; while filing motions; or while talking with defendants’ lawyers on the phone – before, during, and after your lawsuit, your attorney has your back. They will advocate for you so that you win the case and collect the greatest possible amount of wrongful death damages.


Your lawyer is on your side. They want to help you achieve justice and get compensated to the full extent of the law. They will help you and support you and encourage you. They will be accountable to you. And they will expect you to help out when you can (for instance, when they ask for information, you give it to them). Together, you and your wrongful death attorney can look forward to a successful outcome of your case.

To consult with a wrongful death attorney who will zealously advocate for you, contact the attorneys at VSCP Law.

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