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John’s Contact Information:

John’s Contact Information:


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John Pinto’s Achievements

John’s Staff Contact:

John has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the field of catastrophic injury law in Pennsylvania. His relentless and meticulous approach to prosecuting the most complex cases on behalf of severely injured plaintiffs and aggrieved families has led to a litany of ground-breaking results across the state. In his career thus far, John has helped to secure a remarkable total of over $400 Million in verdicts or settlements as counsel for individual clients.

John’s practice focuses on the representation of the most vulnerable ­­– infants and young children who have suffered devastating injuries or even death from medical negligence. Tragically, these cases often involve severe, permanent injuries to children, such as brain damage, paralysis or cerebral palsy that will change their lives forever and require a lifetime of costly medical care. John specializes in the prosecution of cases like these that include mistakes during the labor and delivery process or medical negligence during pediatric care. John’s passion in these cases is to provide future financial security for these injured children and to ensure they will receive top-notch medical care and services throughout their lives. He does so through painstaking attention to every detail, a tireless work ethic and tenacious advocacy. Since just 2015 alone, John has helped to secure recoveries totaling approximately $150 Million for severely injured children in pediatric or newborn negligence cases.

In addition to his tremendous success in handling medical malpractice cases, John has proven that he can masterfully litigate essentially any type of catastrophic injury case. His legal work has led to numerous multi-million dollar recoveries in a wide array of cases, including those that involve defective products, premises liability, workplace/construction accidents, tractor trailer accidents, dram shop actions and institutional sexual abuse.

One of the most important aspects of being an attorney for John is the ability to give ordinary people in the community a meaningful voice in the legal system when they have been harmed as a result of another’s misconduct. Throughout his career, John’s hard-nosed and aggressive litigation style has leveled the playing field for the “common man” in the legal process. He has gone toe-to-toe against large corporations and medical institutions that are responsible for his clients’ life-altering injuries. John co-founded VSCP LAW to continue this fight in the pursuit of justice for everyday people and to provide these individuals with the top-notch legal representation that they deserve.

Given John’s experience and success as a catastrophic injury lawyer, he has often had speaking engagements to educate other lawyers in the field.  John was  recently a member of the distinguished faculty that presented during the Pennsylvania Association of Justice’s 2022 Annual Medical Malpractice Seminar.  John has been a guest lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania Carey School of Law where he has taught a tort class to first year law students focusing on medical malpractice.

John has been a resident of Philadelphia for the past 25 years and is a graduate of two of the city’s most prestigious universities. John earned his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004, then graduated magna cum laude—and in the top five percent of his class—from Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law in 2007. After completing law school, John remained in Philadelphia to begin practicing law and started his career at a large international defense firm, Dechert LLP, where he represented several Fortune 500 companies in product liability, mass tort litigation and other matters. John soon realized that his true passion was representing individuals against those same large corporations and institutions. Before founding VSCP LAW in 2021, he spent over a decade of his career focusing exclusively on the prosecution of catastrophic personal injury claims on behalf of individuals and families.

Born and raised in Easton, PA, John is the son of two public high school teachers who instilled in him the importance of hard work, determination, and helping others. John has carried these values with him throughout his academic and legal career.  He is a product of Pennsylvania’s public school system and proud graduate of Easton Area High School where he is also a member of the Easton-Phillipsburg Football Hall of Fame.  An athlete his entire life, including football and wrestling at the collegiate level, John brings that same competitive edge and intensity to every case he handles.

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John’s Notable Results.

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Your Fight
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Ryan’s Staff Contact:

Ryan is a skilled trial lawyer with extensive experience representing catastrophically injured individuals in courtrooms across Pennsylvania. Over the course of his career, Ryan has helped bring home record-breaking, multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for his clients in a wide range of personal injury cases, including medical malpractice, wrongful death and birth injuries.

Ryan is a zealous advocate who brings passion, creativity and empathy to each case. With a deep commitment to fighting for justice for injured individuals, Ryan has helped achieve a slew of life-changing recoveries for clients totaling over $318 million to date. Noteworthy victories that Ryan has assisted in securing include:

  • Over $22 million recovery in a spinal cord injury case
  • Over $20.4 million recovery for a delayed diagnosis of a stroke due to medical malpractice
  • Multiple recoveries for nearly $20 million each in cases involving brain injuries and birth injuries
  • Largest published settlement in Pennsylvania in 2014

Ryan first developed a passion for representing individuals and families who suffered an injury as a result of wrongdoing by others while he was in law school and working at a prominent personal injury firm in Scranton, Pennsylvania. After graduating law school with the highest honors, Ryan joined Dechert LLP, one of the most prestigious international law firms, where he handled a wide range of cases including product liability, government investigations and securities litigation. Ryan left Dechert LLP to focus exclusively on representing critically injured clients. Ryan has devoted more than a decade fighting to give a voice to children, families and individuals rendered powerless by misconduct of large institutions and corporations. He co-founded VSCP LAW to continue that fight.

Before becoming a lawyer, Ryan had a distinguished academic career that included top honors at two of Pennsylvania’s leading public universities. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law with a Civil Litigation Certificate that included trial and appellate moot court awards. At Pitt Law, Ryan served on the Editorial Board of the Pittsburgh Law Review as the Senior Articles Editor. Ryan earned his undergraduate degree from the Pennsylvania State University, Schreyer Honors College, graduating summa cum laude. He attended Penn State on an academic excellence scholarship and was selected into the Phi Beta Kappa Academic Honors Society.

Ryan is an active member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the Philadelphia Bar Association, the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association, the American Association for Justice, and the Lackawanna Bar Association. He is also a founding member of the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Landlord-Tenant Appellate Mediation Committee. Since 2012, Ryan has consistently been recognized by his peers and selected to Pennsylvania Super Lawyer as a Rising Star.

Ryan has deep connections to all four corners of Pennsylvania. He grew up in Scranton, has extensive family roots in Erie, spent his academic years in State College and Pittsburgh and now calls Philadelphia home. When he is not busy advocating for his clients, he enjoys coaching youth sports, playing golf and spending time with his wife and two young children.

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Ryan’s Notable Results.

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Ryan Chase
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Your Fight
Is Greg’s Fight

Gregory Spizer Bio Pic in VSCP Law

Greg’s Staff Contact:

With thousands of personal injury cases under his belt, Greg has significant experience helping families receive the compensation they deserve due to others’ negligence or wrongdoing. Prior to co-founding VSCP LAW, Greg was an equity shareholder at a prestigious Philadelphia law firm focusing on catastrophic personal injury and mass tort cases. He served as the co-chair of the firm’s mass tort department where he worked on cases with recoveries totaling in the billions of dollars including the 4.85 billion dollar Vioxx settlement, the Yaz Birth Control Litigation and other pharmaceutical and medical device matters.

Through old-fashioned hard work, Greg has also achieved significant recoveries for clients who have been injured by defective products, automobile accidents, medical malpractice and other personal injury claims. Noteworthy recoveries include:

  • A multi-million dollar recovery in a motor vehicle accident claim.
  • Million dollar confidential settlements involving defective products
  • A seven-figure recovery for a minor in a medical malpractice case

Born at Fort Devens Army Hospital in Massachusetts and raised near Scranton, PA, Greg’s father, a lawyer for over 50 years, was his inspiration for becoming an attorney.

Following his graduation from Abington Heights High School in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, Greg enrolled at Pennsylvania State University where he earned his undergraduate degree in 1995. While at Penn State, Greg was active in numerous activities and organizations, including the Legal Affairs Department where Greg would represent students who encountered legal issues on campus. Greg then went to law school at The Dickinson School of Law of the Pennsylvania State University where he received his law degree in 1998. While in law school, Greg gained invaluable experience working at both governmental and private law offices.

Greg is admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and before the federal courts for the Eastern and Middle Districts of Pennsylvania. He is also a member of the Philadelphia Bar Association, the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association, the Pennsylvania Association for Justice where Greg serves on the Board of Governors, and the American Association for Justice. Greg has also been recognized by his peers having been named a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer since 2013 and for the last three years, named a Top 100 Lawyer in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia.

When Greg is not practicing law, he enjoys watching and playing sports, laughing with friends and spending time with his wife and twin daughters.

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Gregory Spizer
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With a reputation for record-breaking verdicts, Josh has been recognized as one of the brightest legal minds in Pennsylvania. Before cofounding VSCP LAW, Josh began his legal career in the pursuit of justice as a prosecutor with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, where he was a member of the Major Trials Division. After serving the city, Josh shifted his passion for pursuing justice to the civil arena by fighting for those who were critically injured as a result of the misconduct of others.

Josh is one of Pennsylvania’s leading Civil Rights attorneys having represented numerous high profile cases involving police corruption and wrongful incarceration. In 2023 alone Josh’s civil rights work resulted in settlements in excess of 12 Million Dollars.

Throughout his career, Josh has achieved record-setting verdicts and settlements for his clients and has assisted in total individual recoveries topping $350 million. Recent achievements include:

  • Largest medical malpractice verdict in all of Pennsylvania for 2019
  • Top 10 jury verdicts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the same year – the only attorney to achieve this distinction
  • Largest wrongful death medical malpractice verdict in Mercer County, Pennsylvania
  • Largest NJ verdict against Emergency Medical Services provider
  • Largest premises liability verdict in Pennsylvania
  • “Super Lawyer” designation, given to only the top attorneys in Pennsylvania
  • $9.6 Mill recovery for wrongfully incarcerated exoneree Willie Stokes
  • $2.45 Mill recovery for wrongfully incarcerated exoneree Donald Outlaw

Josh has a keen understanding of the importance of family; as a proud dad of twin daughters, much of his free time is spent with his wife and children where they’re surrounded by extended family on both sides.

Josh graduated with a B.A. in political science from Lehigh University in 1997. In 2000, he received his Juris Doctor degree from Villanova University Law School, followed by an LL.M. degree in trial advocacy in 2004 from Temple University School of Law, where he graduated with honors and received the Jury Favorite Award. Josh also was inducted into his high school’s Hall of Fame for his work in the community pursuing justice as both a prosecutor and a civil advocate for those that have suffered catastrophic injuries.

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Joshua’s Notable Results.

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Designates Joshua Served as Lead Counsel

Joshua Van Naarden
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