Five Benefits of Hiring a Brain Injury Attorney

By Wexler Coding

The brain is believed to be the most important organ in your body. It is your central processing system, which controls and coordinates all the vital functions of the body. It helps control your physical actions and it helps you think and learn new things. That is why brain injuries can be so traumatic. They literally can change the way you move, the way you talk, and the way you think.


If you experience a traumatic brain injury as the result of someone else’s actions or inactions, you should hire a Philadelphia brain injury attorney to represent you in a traumatic brain injury lawsuit. Read on to better understand the five main benefits of hiring a brain injury attorney in Philadelphia.




If your loved one suffered a brain injury, it’s common to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes that overwhelming feeling can cause inertia – you just can’t move or do anything. You don’t know how to navigate complicated hospital systems and various healthcare providers. A Philadelphia traumatic brain injury lawyer can help by connecting you with the proper healthcare professionals who can provide thorough medical evaluations, early intervention, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other critical care. Some of this care might be short-term and some of it might be lifelong care. Your brain injury attorney knows whom you need to see, when, and for how long.




In Pennsylvania, you can file a brain injury medical malpractice claim up to two years after you knew or should have known the brain injury resulted from the defendants’ negligence. But you should never wait that long to consult a law firm. Your brain injury lawyer in Philadelphia needs time to collect evidence and discuss the case with experts all before they can file your brain injury lawsuit. Contacting your brain injury lawyer as soon as possible ensures that you don’t lose your right to file your traumatic brain injury lawsuit.




Another benefit to hiring a brain injury lawyer is that they will collect evidence that could be crucial to your brain injury lawsuit. Let’s say your baby was injured during childbirth at a Philadelphia hospital. A brain injury lawyer in Philadelphia who has handled birth injury cases can help you understand which several documents are necessary to prove your case. The medical terms may seem complicated and the medical records may be hard to understand. That’s why you need an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer to help you. They will review and digest all the necessary information that is essential to your child’s birth injury lawsuit. They will build a case that proves that the healthcare professionals’ actions or omissions caused your child’s injuries. This evidence will also help establish the extent of your child’s injuries, detailing every related issue, whether it’s physical or emotional.




An experienced brain injury law firm is well-equipped to handle the complicated legal system with its various statutes, discovery schedules, motion practice, brief-writing, and depositions. They can also help navigate other complex systems that may arise. Whether it’s a large hospital system that refuses to give you medical records, for example, or the need to find a lifecare planner to help you figure out the costs of caring for your loved one over their lifetime, Philadelphia brain injury lawyers can help navigate these complicated systems.




It goes without saying that no amount of money will take away the pain you feel when your loved one suffers a traumatic brain injury. But, under our system of laws, you can collect compensation for the traumatic injury. Sometimes those injuries are related to temporary or permanent disabilities or incapacities in a broad range of contexts: emotional, developmental, behavioral, mental, and physical. And you can suffer too – in particular, emotional distress and, of course, the exorbitant costs of caring for your loved one in their post-injury condition. How could anyone possibly quantify all of the suffering of a brain injury victim? It’s not easy, but at least when you hire an experienced traumatic brain injury team, you can rest assured that you will get the most compensation possible for your case.

Let experienced brain injury attorneys ease some of your burden so you can shift your focus to caring for your loved one. Find your brain injury support team at  VSCP Law.

Five Benefits of Hiring a Brain Injury Attorney

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